Spinoutlab supports you in all stages of getting a company started and scaling it up. 
We boost your entrepreneurial skills and provide guidance, principles and tools you need to translate your science or tech innovation into a business. 

We help you to operate lean, move fast and deal with risk and uncertainty. 

Together with industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, mentors, corporate partners, investors and service providers we help you to create a successful company.






We have a pool of mentors from various industries and competencies in all areas of research, commercialization, entrepreneurship and business development. We pick up  the most relevant mentors for your needs. After the intro and first meetings it’s up to you to agree on ways of collaboration, duration and effort invested. When needed, we participate in the process.

If successful, the mentorship can move to a longer-term, more permanent relationship such as a board seat, angel investor or other formal advisory role.

If you are an expert with a suitable business background willing to help startups and join the ranks, get in touch!


We can help you to find investors and get funding from early-stage through Series A. Our experience with science startups allows us to understand the needs and gaps in funding between research projects, early-stage public grants and Series A venture investments.

We prefer to collaborate with investors whose money is smart. They want to help you survive, succeed and grow!


 The goal is always to create a good match, a win-win deal and an optimal syndicate  when necessary.


Our service provider partners offer pro bono support and entrepreneur-friendly discounts to startups.

Spinoutlab startups


(including previous New Factory startups)