Are you looking for ways to acquire promising new technologies? Want to run risk-reducing experiments and speed up product development?

Or do you want to tune your corporate innovation engine by building a culture of entrepreneurship – perhaps even create internal startups?

It may be important for you to discover new talent, strengthen your ecosystem and build your brand as a leader in innovation?

There are many ways Spinoutlab can help by connecting corporates with startups and research groups.





As a Spinoutlab Industry Partner you will get access to our network of entrepreneurs and researchers through partnering sessions, meetings and custom events.

We facilitate collaboration with startups whose technologies are in your area. We scout also pre-commercial stage research according to your needs and interests.

By giving challenges and guidance for startups you may solve some problems quickly, co-create completely new solutions and find future partners for your business. 

Besides getting familiar with your brand, startups can get accustomed to use your equipment as they grow. The cooperation can even lead to investments, joint ventures or acquisitions.